Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Internet Is My life.

The internet felt as an extra limb for me. I cant really live on a month without it. ( i still able to live on without connection for a week IF i have something to do.
Here is some great site that you can check out Just for fun,


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well IT here or In my opinion here is still lack of being updated. How.. well i guess we still left out.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Post

Hurm.. actually i been blogging about my self alot but now i am trying something new. I want to try to talk about IT related stuff. Yeap in this first post I want to introduce
programs A student Needs:

Program Students need in their PC

avira antivirus link
Why i recommend this antivirus? Well being a student we always transfer files via USB drives. For me my laptop would always be infected by an autorun malware and trojan. This antivirus able to protect computers from malwars such as RavMon, and other autorun scripts or *.vb codes.

This is an Internet Browser, something like Internet Explorer but Much safer and tighter security. This internet browser comes with its own popup blocker, and you can modify to suit your need. this Internet browser also can surf multiple websites in one window with it's tab function. (i always open up atleast 5 tabs per session ^^)

Hurm Why Jetaudio? well most people would like to use foobar or winamp. i prefer Jetaudio. why? actually i like some of the functions provided by this a list why i like it.
-Plays Music and video much more nicer (winamp sound different)
-scroll button on the mouse makes scanning trough videos and music much easier
-Audio CD burning is fast and stable
-Basic Clock function such as alarm,and timer (good to wake sleepy heads up early)
-user friendly